Hey there, I've got some ideas for the wiki you may want to support. Please give your opinions on it below!

  • Portable infoboxes, please see w:c:community:Help:Infoboxes. I've started with this one already: Template:SnakeSkinInfobox/Draft. However colors and a few things should be customized with css.
  • Logo for the wiki.
  • A main page with more information and links and a good design.
  • Custom design for the wiki (css).
  • Highscores page: not only for the best, but just for everybody. So I was thinking about an alphabetical order so everybody can add their score. However I think it should be protected for anons. Also no mods/cheating etc and always providing a screenshot.
  • Galleries on pages. Though limited to an amount of images, so that we don't get pages full of similar pictures.

Well, please react below as said :D