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• 7/8/2016

Neat idea for a new skin!

Hi. Ever since I first began playinig, I've always thought, "What if there was in Eater Of Worlds skin for It makes sense, like when Squidgirl was introduced to Splatoon. If you didn't know, the Eater Of Worlds is a giant evil worm from the game Terraria. I've been trying to get people to notice my idea, by getting to the top of the leaderboard, and naming myself "Eater Of Worlds Skin?" I think it would be a really neat addition. Here's a picture, to show what it looks like.

Eater of Worlds

Eater Of Worlds

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• 7/10/2016

Hey there!

Just to let you know, We aren't affiliated with LowTech Enterprises.

But! Good news! You can send the developers an email at about your idea!

Cheers !

• 7/10/2016

Thanks for replying! I'll go and send my idea to the email right away!

• 6/9/2018
I think your idea is great. Im a terraria fan so i approve
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