The Reddit Skin was one of the 44 playable skins in It was accessible by sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter, which can be done by clicking on one of the share buttons in the bottom right corner.

The skin represented the Reddit icon. The skin is no longer available in the game and has been removed for unknown reasons.

Shared Skins

4chan | ArcadeGo | Black/Orange | Black/Yellow | Block | Brazilian | Finnish | French | German | Golden | Google Play | Great Britain | Indigo/White Star | Indonesian | Irish | Italian | JackSepticEye | Jelly | Kwebbelkop | Lavender/Indigo/White Star | Light Blue/White Star | Lithuanian | Microsoft/Windows | PewDiePie | Polish | Rainbow | Reddit | Romanian | Russian | Silver | Swedish | Slogoman | USA | White/Blue/Cyan | White/Pink/Red | Yellow-Grey | Colombian

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