The Secret Level is one of the least popular gaming myths ever, It's not clear that its real yet, but heres how to get to it: You must have a snake in between 8000-9000 mass, When you do, go a tiny bit above the middle and head East (Go to the right) When you hit the border you don't die, Instead a secret tunnel is revealed, Go In It, and you will go through a tunnel of dead snakes, These are dead Suicide Snakes, Suicide Snakes are snakes with no player, Make a wrong turn and you're dead, Going too far though a Giant Snake that supposedly has 1700000 mass, Surprises you and will make you jump, if you die from him a video of a real life snake is on the screen and tries to hypnotize you, then, the screen restarts, here is a video on it from Dont Turn Around: .

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