A Skin is the look of a Snake during Gameplay, some skins can only be obtained by using Extensions, but those skins can only be seen by other players with the same extension and you. There are 44 different Skins in ; 9 of which you can use without sharing.

You can gain access to all skins if you share on Facebook/Twitter, but you can simply click them, and go back to the page without logging in, and then choose your skin.

Please note that you cannot automatically pick a Skin until you share, and if you do not share, you will automatically get randomly assigned one of the Default Skins when you click the Play button.

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Change Skin Button

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Share on Twitter or Facebook to unlock skins

Types of Snake Skins Edit

Accessed Normally (Default Skins) Edit

These Skins cannot be customized by accessing normally, instead you randomly spawn as a Snake with one of these skins

  • The lavender snake
  • The indigo-blue snake
  • The turquoise-cyan snake
  • The lime-green snake
  • The tinted-yellow snake
  • The orange snake
  • The pink-red snake
  • The dark-red snake
  • The magenta snake

Obtained by sharing on Facebook/Twitter Edit

These Skins are obtained through sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter, you can customize them by clicking the Change Skin button in the bottom left corner.

  • The USA Skin - Red, white, and blue with white stars
  • The Russian Skin - Red, indigo, and white
  • The German Skin - Orange, black, and red
  • The Italian Skin - Dark red, green, and white
  • The French Skin - Red, blue, and tinted white
  • The Polish Skin - Dark red and tinted white
  • The Rainbow Skin - It's a rainbow
  • The Swedish Skin - Indigo and tinted yellow
  • The Finnish Skin - Blue and tinted white
  • The Indonesian Skin - Tinted white and dark red
  • The Silver Skin - Tinted white
  • The 4chan Skin - Tinted violet and lime
  • The Brazilian Skin - Lime, tinted yellow, and blue with white
  • The Irish Skin - Light orange, dark green, and white
  • The Romanian or Colombian Skin - Yellow, red, and blue
  • The ArcadeGo skin - cyan and tinted yellow stars
  • The Block Skin - Dark violet and orange with block shaped antenna
  • The Yellow/Grey Skin - Bronze yellow and dark silver
  • The JackSepticEye Skin - Tinted green with one eye
  • The Lithuanian Skin - Yellow, red, and green
  • A black snake with yellow stripes
  • Taking the eighth extra skin, there are the same bulbed collars, but a different lavender skin.
  • A lavender-indigo snake dotted in white.
  • A dark-blue version of the previous skin
  • An orange snake with dark grey stripes
  • A snake in red, blue, yellow, green, and white
  • A red, pink, and white snake.
  • A blue, indigo, and white snake
  • The Kwebblekop Skin - Dark Orange with K antenna
  • A golden-yellow snake
  • The PewDiePie Skin - Cyan with brofist antenna
  • The Jelly Skin - Light green with an happy face similar to Jelly's logo
  • The Google Play Skin - blue, green, orange, and red with Google Play antenna
  • The Slogoman Skin - Red with slug antennas
  • The Great Britain Skin - Red and blue (white and flag has been deleted for some reason)

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