Bureaucrats are senior users who are granted admin rights, with the ability to promote others to Administrator, Content Moderator, and Bureaucrat. They can also demote Administrators, Content Moderators, and Bots.

Avatar Username Bureaucrat Since  Ranks Status
Thumb 499ebe0f-8ec9-48f5-abc7-ce5917535bc1
ThunderGemios10 April 4, 2016 Founder


Administrators are trusted users appointed by bureaucrats to enforce the wiki rules and look over it. They are known as leaders in the community. They can block users who offend the rules, mess with wiki CSS and JS, promote other users to Moderator, delete pages and comments and threads, enforce the chat, and edit comments.

Avatar Username Administrator Since Ranks Status
Thumb 4ac102e3-47dd-4e32-9df9-b58fa652f746
Light.Runner.Explorer April 6, 2016 Administrator Active
Thumb c56d87bf-1f12-4780-9ec9-b2f7a4156963-triangle
BobbytheBlobby April 24, 2016 Administrator Temp.
Thumb 3f679a0e-30ae-4ee2-a7fc-24e0e3d7a55b
The GreatPerhaps May 9, 2016 Administrator Active


Moderators are trusted users given extra rights to combat rule offenders. You may also describe a Moderator as an "Admin-in-Training". There are three different types of Moderators, Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator, and Content Moderator. 

Avatar Username Moderator Since Ranks Status
TheDimensionalUser May 1, 2016

Discussions Moderator
Chat Moderator
Content Moderator

2Actimv May 12, 2016 Discussions Moderator
Chat Moderator
Content Moderator
SaltyPearl7152 May 31, 2016 Discussions Moderator
Chat Moderator
Content Moderator

Discussions Moderators can:

  • edit threads and comments
  • highlight and unhighlight forum threads
  • delete threads and comments
  • ban or kick anyone from chat
  • close or unclose threads

Chat Moderators can:

  • ban or kick anyone from chat

Content Moderators can:

  • lock and unlock pages
  • edit all locked pages
  • given the rollback tool to combat vandalism

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