Frustrating as Hell! Addictive as cocaine.

Ok, I have been playing slither pretty constant for several months. Here is what I have learned.

The "unwritten" Rules

  1. There is no quick way to get big. Patience is the key to get on the leader board. It is really easy to get very excited when you chance upon a huge, pile of glowing blobs from a recently killed worm. Rushing in is the last thing you should do (unless you are out near the edge). Even the fastest human reactions are not quick enough to stop a head on collision with another player who had the same idea coming from the opposite direction. Go slow., THEN if the coast is clear, do a quick brief zoom to circle a chunk of them. You will not be able to get them all, just get what you can safely and then get out of there, before you get locked in a swarm.
  2. Don't be goaded. A lot of the smaller worms will try to zoom in front of you pretty much as soon as you come across them, constantly circling and trying to head you off. These kind of players are doomed. Just patiently turn away from them, don't rush, wait.. They ALWAYS slip up and when they do, quickly cut them off.
  3. The "cock block". This always happens. A large fat worm will be gliding along endlessly, blocking you from all that blobby glory on the other side. Don't lose your cool, just hang around and wait for it to pass. The snake might actually get hit while you wait, so be patient and don't try to race around it. This will end in death.
  4. Circling an opponent. This is risky, because there is always a bigger worm waiting to jump in on the action and start circling you too. If you do this, be patient.. It can take a while before the player in the middle gives up, or makes a mistake.
  5. Being Circled - Unless you are over 3000 in length, give up.. just slam into the wall and call it a day. There can be odd times when you get lucky and the other player gives up, or gets destroyed. In my experience, the players who circle you are very patient and are happy to sit going round and round and round for ever. Do you really want to spend the next 5 minutes of your life waiting for the inevitable?
  6. Being Circled - The0ther$ide's opinion. I honestly think that dying instantly is a bad idea. I've gotten out of probably around 15 coils before, and several times I've ended up on the leaderboard after that. If the person tries to coil you slowly, run into them, but if they try to do it quickly, stay alive and hope they make a mistake.
  7. The stealer - You know the score, you take down a large worm, only to have some cocky little shit dart into the treasure and take it all away. This happens, take a deep breath and move on.
  8. Cheats - They DO exist. No matter what the dev team say, they are out there. They have to cheat because they are terrible at the game, so just ignore them and move on.
  9. When you get big, move out of the middle - I call it the snake pit. Good to get an early edge, but when I feel like I can no longer change direction quickly due to size, I get the hell out of there. Smaller worms have the advantage in a large mass of larger worms, so you need to stay clear.
  10. predator - Once big enough, head out to the edges. All the beginners and nervous players go here. Easy pickings for an experienced player. Round em up!

Just a few things.. agree or disagree, who cares.. just play the game