Snakes can have several different tactics and strategies to gain mass and rise to the top of the leaderboard, these are some of the strategies that were made by players.

Passive Edit

The passive snake is a peaceful snake that will only go after the small, miniature pellets generated by speeding snakes or by server generation. The passive snake rarely attacks (See subtype of passive snakes, Self-Defensive).

Self-Defensive Edit

A common subtype of the Passive snake is the "Self-Defensive" snake. The self-defensive is mostly passive, but if threatened, it will eliminate the threat, and then go back to its peaceful nature.

Scavenger Edit

The scavenger snake will not attack and instead follow other snakes. When it sees the other snakes create a mass pool, it will swoop in and steal lots of mass before retreating. Scavenger snakes are often a STAGE, and after this they will most likely "evolve" into another type of snake.

Boa Constricting/Encircling Edit


A blue snake encircling a smaller red snake.

A common strategy in is the Encircle strategy, or Boa Constricting. How it works is that a large snake with the intention of gaining more mass aggressively will be able to encircle a smaller snake and going into its own tail (See image). The big snake will then begin closing in on the smaller snake until the space is so small enough that inevitably the small snake rams into the big snake, killing it and releasing its Mass for the Encircling snake.

Be warned, if the smaller snake can time it correctly, it can ram in front of the bigger snake as it is closing in and free itself, simultaneously killing the bigger snake.

Coiling Edit

Another common strategy is coiling, or following your own tail until you appear small enough to pose or threat and lure enemies into a false sense of security.


A pink snake coiling. Note that other snakes are attempting to attack the coiling snake.

However, this may result in a snake smaller than the coiling snake to Boa Constrict the coiling snake, trapping the bigger snake. Bigger snakes have less mobility than smaller ones, resulting in an almost instant game over.

Edge-trapping Edit

Border slther io

A lone snake that is very vulnerable to trapping.

A third common gameplay strategy in is trapping. This is the act of bringing a small snake to the edge and semi-constricting them, leaving them to either ram headfirst into The Edge/barrier or crash into you. If you are ever caught in this, ram into the barrier to prevent the trapper from having any of your mass.

Note: that this is an extremely risky strategy, as the trapper itself may ram into the barrier that creates the edge of the map.

Circle-breaker Edit

Baiting is when you trick an opponent that is trying to Boa Constrictor you. What happens is you go near the opponent's tail, and when it is about to complete it, you rush straight in front and kill the opponent.

Giant-killer Edit

Small snakes turn a lot quicker than large snakes, get yourself more than 50 mass, and sneak to a giant's head suddenly after pretending to be an outsider. (For pros)

Joker Edit

When a long snake died, rush perpendicular to it and cut off the two sides of food to bait other snakes

One-way dead end Edit

When a large snake is following next to you, possible that you are a large snake too, make a U-turn to create a long dead end that just fits the prey's head and they will discover that it is too late. (For pros)

Psychologist Edit

Continuing racing in full speed with a snake of your side and suddenly stop boosting to lure them turn and try to kill you, boost again to use the chance to kill it.

If it fails, try endless more times and make him more and more ANGRY. The more ANGRY he is, the easier the prey is. (For pros)

Trapper Edit

When a snake is following another snake, get ahead of it and create a very thin path that goes thinner and thinner until there is no more space, U-turn and grab some meat.

Also very useful against encircling between two other snakes

Ninja (Very useful, need to stay very calm) Edit

Against trappers, only when you are skillful enough, pretend to be trapped but have very accurate moves such that you can get through all thin passages, the trapper would suicide itself if it gets too close. (For pros)

Ninja+encircling Edit

Continuing circling and STAY CALM even you are being trapped, with SKILLS, you will succeed and the trapper might die as well. (For pros)

Header Edit

This strategy will rely on boost. You go near other snakes and boost yourself in front of them and will run into you. If you succeed, you immediately take a sharp turn to take in all the mass so no other snakes steal your mass.

Center strategyEdit

The Center Strategy is a starting off strategy. It's best to try to head closer near the center of the map, because loads of snakes are there which causes a lot of kills, but do not stick there too long when you are big. Follow these steps in order for this to work effectively.

  1. Find a group of snakes and follow them.
  2. Wait for the kills.
  3. Last, grab the food and retreat out of the center.

Using those steps this strategy should work. Try not to be killed, there are a lot of little snakes hanging around there too. This strategy is a 4 Star strategy that works, but sometimes if you mess up, it won't work right.

Camper Edit

The snakes will coil in one place until other snakes arrive. When a snake is in their reach, they will follow it and kill it. If they succeed they will return to the spot and waiting for new victims.

Hunting Edit

This strategy consists in following a very large snake. Sooner or later it is going to be killed and you can take all, or at least some, of its mass.

Giant Coil Edit

Once a snake reaches a very large length, such as 30,000 or 40,000, it may make an enormous circle and eat whatever food is on the outside. Do the following steps:

  1. Get a decent size, so no one can coil themselves around you
  2. Go to the center of the map, where the most snakes are
  3. Make a giant circle. If you are lucky, you may trap some snakes inside.
  4. Chances are, if you are big enough, perhaps a hundred snakes will hang around close to you. A lot of food from snakes will build up on the outside of the circle. Eat as much of it as you can.
  5. Only stick about 1/2 of your head on the outside of your circle. If you stick out more, a snake may kill you. (In other words, don't get greedy.)
  6. Stick as much of your head on the outside as you can. If you do not, your coil will slowly decrease in size to the point where someone can make a coil around you.
  7. Stay in your circle for as long as you can, perhaps hours, and you will have hundreds of thousands of mass before you know it!

Double Encircling Edit

Double encircling is an uncommon variation of encircling. While a snake is encircling another snake, one would encircle the encircling snake. This strategy can be rather difficult, however, since the larger snake could easily stop encircling the smaller snake. Once this strategy has been mastered, triple, quadruple, and quintuple encircling should be possible as well. (For pros)

Assisted Encircling Edit

Assisted encircling is a very rare strategy as it involves teaming up with another player. It can be very difficult to encircle a very large snake, but it is possible to do when two snakes are encircling it. (For pros)

Boa Stopper Edit

When you are being Boa Constricted, try to put your body near the bigger snake's body. It will kill the snake if it is not smart enough. Although most bigger snakes will avoid it, it will cause it to give up and free you. If 2 snakes are constricted, you can dogfight the bigger snake that is encircled then kill the bigger one. When the larger snake go gets it, ram in front and kill it. This strategy can also be used when you are not the snake being encircled, but simply on the outside of the snake which is encircling.

Greed (Personal) Edit

In the beginning stages of game, I strike other players aggressively, and I always go for the mass of defeated players. Also, I always make note of my immediate vicinity, to either prevent death or to trap snakes. The dots that appear all over the servers are great boosters for mass, and are essential when starting a new snake. Some tips I would like to make apparent:

  • Coiling and Baiting are awful strategies
  • Use other snakes' bodies to trap anyone following you
  • Don't be too aggressive, as you could accidentally kill yourself
  • If someone else is trying to trap you, follow the tail of that player until you're free (Don't stick around, ya nub)

Assassin (Personal, Timothyqq) Edit

In the beginning stages of game, I sneak on giant snakes while trying not to be encircled, then kill the giant with a sudden attack.  Then, I usually rush to the middle of the map to steal and kill.  I prevent being encircled, but LET MYSELF BE TRAPPED. With my high accracy of control, other players who tried to trap me die on their own before me, so I can eat up its dead body. I also do not approach directly to food if many players are already rushing into it and steal it, I encircle ALL the snakes that approach for the food instead so that all the food will be finally mine.When I am encircling someone and others want to encircle me, if I have enough mass, I turn around a create a dead end of the snake's size to bait it in and kill it. I also boost with other giant snakes and suddenly stop to bait them to think that I am the underdog, then turn away from the giant snake and immediately approach to its head again.

  • Make other snakes angry with you so they become more straight-minded and careless
  • Stay calm to be a ninja that nobody can trap you
  • Always aware of tiny snakes that may kill you
  • If someone else is trying to trap you, I STICK AROUND and NOT DIE, HE IS THE ONE WHO DIES.

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